Small ecological house on wheels BIODOMEK MOBI – Trailer Tinyhouse – small eco house

Eco-friendly wooden mobile home

Tinyhouse BIODOMEK MOBI is a typical project of a small, natural house on wheels. This cottage is a cozy mobile home with a maximum GVW of 3.5 tons, dimensions of 2.504m x 6.064m, and a maximum height of 4m, which makes it possible to tow it with a passenger car. It can be used as, for example, a mini house, a mobile office or a house for weekend getaways. BIODOMEK MOBI on wheels gives you freedom, independence and the ability to move at any time. These are ideal solutions for those who want to live in harmony with nature and not tie up with loans for many years. Small but own. A great starting point!


We designed the trailer in a natural wooden structure, insulated with super ecological cellulose insulation (eco fibre). The façade is finished with natural boards or shingles, the roof is covered with standing seam sheet metal in anthracite color. Woodwork/window and door joinery in anthracite colour. The interiors are finished with natural boarding, secured with ecological products such as oils, oil-waxes, etc. All this to make the house healthy, ecological, beautiful and natural inside and out! Sleeping in such a mini house is great.

YOU CAN BUY THE PROJECT IN OUR STORE HERE or write to us at: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com

• area along the outer contour: 15.18 m2
• usable area: 18.00 m2
• net area (including the mezzanine): 17.99 m2
• width: 2.50m • length: 6.06m
• height from ground level to the highest point of the roof: 3.991m
• maximum border width of the trailer: 2.53m
• maximum limit height of the trailer together with the chassis (with inflated tires): 4.00 m
• maximum permissible total weight of the trailer with accessories: 3.5t
• façade finish: natural wooden shingle/boarding (e.g. shou sugi ban fired)
• roof: shingle or sheet
• interior finishing: formwork

First implementation: 2022


This small, cozy house has been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and practical living space. The main space includes: a living area with pillows, a place for a yoga mat, combined with a kitchenette and a bathroom. In the living area there is also a workplace, which consists of a desk top, chair/stool and wardrobes and shelves for storing things. The kitchenette has a stove, hood, sink, worktops, cabinets and shelves. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, a composting toilet, cupboards, shelves and a sink. On the mezzanine there is a sleeping place for two people, which is accessible by means of a ladder.
You can make the trailer yourself based on a design or have it made by a company www.biodomek.pl.

FORM: A minimalist, compact, eavesless body.
HEATING: Electric heating.


A TYPICAL, READY PROJECT includes a comprehensive construction design with elements of an executive design, in which you will find drawings of architecture, construction, and weight calculations.

  • Construction price of BIODOMEK MOBI in the CONTRACTED system (www.biodomek.pl.):
    Developer status: from PLN 170,000
    Turnkey condition: from PLN 193,300

  • Construction price of BIODOMEK MOBI in the ECONOMIC (DIY) system:
    Developer status: from PLN 136,000
    Turnkey condition: from PLN 154,700


In order to purchase the project, please contact us at: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com. The project can also be purchased in our online shop in paper or electronic form HERE.