Design philosophy

Kodama, the word from which my architectural studio was named, is the spirit of trees, the keeper of the forest. I believe sustainable design focuses on designing with thoughtful mindfulness, taking into consideration the context, location and needs of the investors. Being mindful makes my approach to every project very fresh, searching for new answers each time. I pay a lot of attention to careful observation and analysis. I always start the project from visiting the site and having conversation with investors, whilst I try to understand the background behind their ideal intimacy of space or favourite theme. I noticed that the process of the analysis using the conversation is changing the way we look at the issue. This is a natural element of the project.

In design I also use elements of permaculture – design strategy for creating sustainable, ecological systems. The main principles of permaculture are: take earth care, people care, and manage resources wisely (fair shares).

In this context, the construction of a house, an interior or another object is the creation of a new element of the ecosystem. To leave the building and use of the building with the smallest as possible ecological footprint (earth care), and to keep the building healthy and warm for our people (people care), it’s worth to use one of the techniques of natural homes construction, whilst making a positive connection with the environment. Natural buildings also after the period of use ( if well-made are very durable) are a biodegradable, and they return to the land, which is very important in a world where construction waste accounts for 1/3 of all rubbish in the world (fair shares).

I invite you to design with good patterns.

Magdalena Górska