Magdalena Górska

Magdalena Górska

Hey. I am Magda. I work in sustainable design and creation of valuable, positive places.
Officially ;)

I am officially an architect with unlimited architectural design rights, a member of the Chamber of Architects and the National Natural Building Society in Poland (OSBN), in the years 2014-2016 I was vice president of the OSBN. I have more than 15 years of active experience in the profession of architecture. My own enterprise, eKodama, was founded in 2012.

Architecture Murator, a prestigious Polish monthly about architecture, has recognized eKodama as one of the ten most innovative studio in Poland. See more!

Unofficially ;)

I am a passionate tree-grower, planting, assuming, wherever possible, forest permaculture gardens. I swim and dance like a madman. With a smile I reach for the camera (eKodamaART). I love to travel, meet new people.

I promote natural and healthy living in my blog on FB - eKodama. Take a look! Your likes will give me a lot of joy. Also look at my other publications and activities in the world of natural building.

I sincerely invite you to create good places together.

My work experience outside the studio
  • 2009-2011 – Architect at Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architects Sp. z. o.o., Wroclaw, Berlin
  • 2008 – Member of the creative team, Architect in the Group-Arch studio, AA Design, Wroclaw
  • 2007 – Junior Architect, Eldridge Smerin Architects, London, UK

Whilst running my business, I am a frequent guest at construction sites and workshops in practice and I like to sometimes dip my hands in clay, straw. My other work experience in construction, prior to the setup of eKodama.

  • 2008-2009, 2012 – Work on construction sites: recording studio for the ATM Group in Bielany Wrocławskie, modernization and superstructure of the apartment building for INTERMODA at St. Nicholas street in Wroclaw, renovation of railway station in Brzeg.

Author's cooperation

MSc. Arch.  Aleksandra Kostka-Gołębiowska
MSc. Arch. Aleksandra Kostka-Gołębiowska
MSc. Kamila Dziwińska
MSc. Kamila Dziwińska
MSc. Arch.  Gosia Antoniszyn
MSc. Arch. Gosia Antoniszyn


Activities in the field of permaculture. Food sovereignty. Education.
Phd eng. Marek Kawa
Phd eng. Marek Kawa
Construction designer
Kropka (DOT)
Kropka (DOT)
Sofa assistant :)

Recomended natural contractors

Comprehensive execution of natural buildings from consultations at the design stage up to turnkey.
Straw-wood prefabricates. Realizing buildings to building shell stage without foundations, installation and roof covering. Carpentry works.
ARTUR ŁOSKOT – Zielony Łoskot Company
Strawbale buildings, plasters, tadelakt, green roofs. Till finished stage, without installation and foundations. Permaculture.
Strawbale buildings, hempcrete, made on the construction site, plasters, tadelakt, green roofs. Till Shell and core stage without installation and foundations. Manufacturer of natural paints and plasters.
PIOTR JĘDRZEJCZAK – Podlaskie Konopie
Natural buildings made of wood and hemp, HEMPCRETE. Manufacturer of hemp chaff.
Strawbale buildings, hempcrete, made on a construction site in DIY system "with an instructor" and commissioned, plasters, tadelakt, earthen floors, green roofs. Condition finished without foundations and complicated installations.
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