Organic farm with Yoga in Kotlina Kłodzka – natural strawbale building

An ecological house made of clay and straw, made of prefabricated straw and wooden elements according to an individual project

The design task was to build a house with the assumption that it would be partially open to tourists, and in the future a yoga center would be built here. Great! The investment plot is located on the slope of the Bystrzyckie Mountains in Kłodzko Valley, where there are quite significant winds, but also beautiful scenic views. This was crucial to shaping the form. The house consists of two separate parts connected by an entrance zone and a patio. The smaller part (now built) will be for rent, open to the east (view to the mountains). Most of the ground floor will have a common kitchen and living room. The lounge is located in the south and also has beautiful views. On the floor will be the owner's apartment. Next to this complex will be added insulated extension from the living room -conservatory. Conservatory also encloses the wind-protected patio, which can serve on windy, sunny days.

The building is equipped with a plant sewage treatment plant, a heat pump, an accumulation stove and rainwater collection. Inside there are beautiful clay plastered walls and wooden floors. The building is erected in prefabricated Straw Bale (straw-wood prefabricated with straw as insulation) by Good House Moritz Reichert ( Dobry Dom Moritz Reichert.) The garden will be guided by the rules of permaculture. Designing the whole complex was extremely important so that all elements harmoniously interacted with the environment and the needs of the users. In the future a building with a yoga-room and rooms will be built here.

** Project Award**

  • ARCHITECTURE BUDMA AWARD 2019 – finalist, big five
Window detail
Site Plan