Hideaway- House made of straw, wood and clay – 35m2 – year-round, natural house

A typical project of barn building- strawbale, hempcrete, adobe

How wonderful it is to hide in your year-round, natural, healthy cottage, surrounded by a garden, silence and greenery, and contemplate the passing clouds on a hammock in the garden. Admire the lettuces and chives and the scurrying beetles. In such a haven, all problems fade away in the hum of nature and rustling leaves.

Hideaway is a typical project for a natural, healthy, year-round house that you can build yourself, with a little help from professionals or an instructor. You can also commission the construction of the house to a company that is friendly with us. We designed the layout of Kryjówka so that the built-up area does not exceed 35m2, which allows you to build it without additional formalities as a recreational or utility house (in Poland). This significantly reduces the cost of implementation and increases the availability of this type of housing for people who do not need large spaces, like convenience, but also minimalism. Of course, Hideaway can also be built as a single-family residential building. This 35m2 house is a great option to start without a loan for a lifetime. You have your own corner, a place to wrap yourself in a blanket and rest. The bottom of the house is adapted for people with limited mobility, so it can be used by older people."

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• building area: 34.81m2
• living area with mezzanine (A1-A, A2-A version): 31.2m2
• living area with attic (A2-B version): 39.81m2
• living area with attic and basement (A1-B version): 40.51m2
• width: 4.75m
• length: 7.33m
• height to ridge: 6.65m
• height to eaves: 3.67m
• roof pitch angle: 40 degrees

• minimum distance from the property line: 6 ÷ 8m (wooden elevation version), 4m (lime elevation version)
• minimum lot size for each elevation version: wooden elevation version: (16.75m x 19.33m) ÷ (20.75m x 23.33m), lime elevation version: 12.75m x 15.33m

First Kryjówka construction date: 2021.


In the project, we paid great attention to the health of the residents and a healthy natural environment. That is why we designed Kryjówka with natural, local low-processed materials with zero or very low carbon footprint. Its construction is wooden, two-branched, and adapted to be filled with natural insulation materials such as straw bales, adobe, hempcrete or wood/straw wool. Each of these options meets the thermal insulation parameters for single-family homes WT 2021. Kryjówka is a modern, ecological, year-round 35m2 house made of straw and clay as well as a year-round house made of hempcrete. The two-branched construction also provides more possibilities for finishing the interior and facade (ready-made frame for cladding) and facilitates the installation of heavy elements on the walls inside. The building can also be made of prefabricated straw-wood or hempcrete panels. The facade can be finished with natural boards protected with linseed oil or lime plaster, while the inside with natural, healthy clay and lime plasters.


The materials used in the project are unprocessed (straw, clay, hempcrete) or minimally processed (wood), which means that their production is low or zero-emission (straw is an agricultural waste). During use, natural materials are healthy and durable, and after the building's use, they can be composted. In this way, throughout the building's life cycle, no waste is generated from the main elements.


"Kryjówka" is a building with a beautiful, compact, minimalist shape. Depending on the adopted concept, it can be finished in a classic black, cladded facade or a more traditional lime plastered one. The main glazing of the house is located to the south, so we can expect solar gains in spring, autumn, and winter. In summer, excessive sunlight will be limited by blinds and an additional pergola with natural plants.


A READY HIDEOUT PROJECT is a comprehensive construction project with elements of an executive project, in which you will find architectural, construction, and installation drawings, including central heating, energy characteristics. The documentation includes four interior layout options – basic: ground floor with a mezzanine, expanded: ground floor with a basement and a floor (two small rooms), and an option in two variants with spiral stairs and a fully built attic (for building permits/notifications with a building project under the POLSKI ŁAD program i Poland). In the project, you will also find autonomous electrical installation options with photovoltaic panels (solar energy) and a composting toilet. The documentation also includes an alternative to block foundations: a tire foundation. Which option you choose to implement and what fits into your budget, whether it is a more basic and minimal form or a more extended and autonomous one, depends on you; the project contains them all. The documentation also includes lists of wooden and steel elements to facilitate your orders.

  • STRUCTURE: Wooden, with NATURAL filling made of straw, light clay, or hempcrete.
  • FOUNDATIONS: In the basic version: brick or strip foundation, in the second version: using recycled tires. In the version with a cellar: reinforced concrete foundations.
  • HEATING AND HOT WATER: Heat distribution from a low-emission biomass fireplace (water jacket), supplemented by electric heating as an emergency option, allowing the cottage to be left for a longer period of time (in the autonomous version powered by solar cells). Hot water also from solar collectors. Gravity / hybrid ventilation.
  • COMPOSTING TOILET: as an additional, alternative option to a water-flushed toilet (without using water, filled with sawdust, odorless) with a composter in the cellar, ensuring the circulation of matter. It is also recommended to collect rainwater.
  • ELECTRICITY: in the autonomous version, electricity is obtained from photovoltaic cells. Batteries are stored in the cellar. The project includes a diagram of the installation and cost estimation.
  • ELEVATION: Finish of the elevation: natural lime plaster in white color / cladding with boards burned using the shou sugi ban method or oiled in the color of natural wood. Window and door carpentry in anthracite color. Wooden or brick terrace. Interior finished with clay or lime plaster. Roof: metal sheet or flat tile. Interior finishing: clay plaster, lime plaster.
  • FUNCTIONAL PROGRAM: The ground floor includes a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The living room has beautiful glazing with access to the terrace. On the mezzanine, there are two sleeping places or in the version with an attic, two small rooms. The ground floor is also adapted for people with reduced mobility, i.e., it can be used by older people.
  • NUMBER OF INHABITANTS: A house for 2 people in the mezzanine version, for 3‑4 people in the full attic version with two rooms upstairs.

BUILDING COST – The cost of building a building in the CONTRACTING system:
  • Rough closed state: from 119 000 PLN (from 95 200 PLN in the economic system),
  • Developer standard: from 170 000 PLN (from 136 000 PLN in the economic system),
  • Turnkey condition: from 193 300 PLN (from 154 700 PLN in the economic system).

Project purchase

To purchase the project or to obtain contact details of a possible contractor, please contact: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com. The project can also be purchased in our online shop in paper or electronic form HERE.
We cordially invite you to hideaway together :).

Awards for HIDEAWAY Project:
  • ARTING PROJECT COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION 2022 – Honorable Mention for the Kryjówka project