modular eco cottage for development

BioDomek is a healthy, modular cottage, designed for expansion and transport. It's an fashionable idea currently. The concept of this project was to create a cottage for an increasingly mobile and dynamic society. The house grows with your needs, without taking loans for 30 years. It is also prefabricated, and it is almost finished to the point of no cost to you. In this concept such modules can be added on the roof and on the side, moving in four transverse axes. You can quite freely shape the body. As our needs increase, we make modules, and as children fly out of the nest can take one or two modules to take with them. In the project itself, we were also aiming to be balanced on as many levels as possible. The basic module of the system has dimensions of 2.8m at 6.44m and height about 3m. Dimensions are chosen to fit the entire trailer on a standard low-floor platform and to be a year-round living space.

Design: eKodama Architecture Execution: - Good House Moritz Reichert, http://www.stankowice64.com/index_right.html - Biohabitat Wroclaw: FB: https://www.facebook.com/biohabitat.wroclaw/

Of course, the modules are made of natural, healthy materials. Key points in the project are foundations, screwed, which greatly accelerates the assembly and reduces the interference in the ground, reducing the negative ecological footprint of the construction for the soil. It is also easier to dismantle such a house and move to another place. After the time, there will be no trace of it in the original place, and the ground will be beautifully grassy, or there will be beds of grass, because the soil is not contaminated in any way. In 2016 together with three friends we have made a prototype of the system, so that we could check all the solutions. When we succeeded and improved what we could do, we organised a picnic for everyone to spend time and rest. Now Biodomki are already on sale. See how much they cost: www.biodomek.pl