Biodomek 2C – 35m2 – Ecological Modular House Insulated with Straw

Natural modular wooden house, ecological modular homes
Biodomek 2C – 35m2 – Year-round, Ecological Modular House

Take a look at our next ecological house with a building area of 35m2. It landed in the beautiful surroundings of Wałbrzych, surrounded by mountains, creating a charming impression. This is Biodomek 2C, a year-round modular house with an open kitchen and living room, a bathroom, and a functional mezzanine with a sleeping area. Such a mini house can be erected as an individual recreation building or an auxiliary building with a simplified notification. In this case, there is no obligation to appoint a construction manager or undergo a building inspection, which greatly simplifies the entire construction process.

Large windows and modern design make the interior bright, modern, and cozy. The building itself resembles a modern barn with small eaves, and the facade is finished with natural board, adding charm and coziness to the house. In addition, natural wooden floors and facade, clay paints... It's truly a natural and healthy house with a building area of 35m2, an ideal size to start with. Such a mini house, a tiny house, can later be expanded because the house design is tailored for this purpose.

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  • type: year-round house
  • construction technology: modular, wooden frame
  • insulation: straw infill
  • standard: passive (highly energy-efficient)
  • built-up area: 35 m2
  • usable area: 33 m2
  • number of rooms with a living room: 2 (including a mezzanine)
  • number of bathrooms: 1
  • number of floors: 1 (ground floor + mezzanine)
  • roof pitch: 45 degrees
  • width: 6.44m
  • length: 5.44m
  • ridge height: 6.89m
  • facade finish – board
  • minimum distance from the plot boundary: 6m
  • minimum plot size: 18.44 x 17.44m
  • heating: electric, PV + fireplace

Project eKodama Architecture

  • project year: 2022
  • construction: 2023

What is an ecological modular house? It's a house assembled on the plot from ready-made components, modules in a developer's state, which are prepared in advance in a factory. The prefabrication process means that the activities on the plot itself are short-lived, and precise production minimizes material consumption and waste generation. Waste, thanks to the use of natural materials, is easy to process, reuse, or compost. Ecology is super important! ECO Biodomes are built from certified C24 wood and insulated with VestaEco FIBRA ecological insulation, which is a natural infill made from one-year plant fibers, serving as an excellent and healthy thermal and acoustic insulator (straw insulation, straw infill). That's why Biodome modules are warm and energy-efficient, making the house cost-effective to heat, and providing a healthy living environment.

How much does the ecological modular house 35m2 – Biodome 2C cost?

You can view the price list for houses here -->>

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