Hideaway – Year roung tiny house from straw and wood or hempcrete, DIY

Meeting basic human needs

HIDEAWAY is a natural, healthy, year-round house that you can make yourself, with a little help from a specialist or instructor. Small but own :) and comfortable, there is a ground floor and mezzanine. The projection is designed so that the built-up area does not exceed 35m2, which allows to build a hideout without building permission in Poland as a recreation place or farmhouse. This significantly reduces implementation costs and increases the availability of this type of housing for people who do not have the opportunity or need to build a large house, but have a piece of land. It's the perfect form for singles, nomads, young couples or small families to start, with no credit for life. You have place to wrap yourself in a blanket and relax. The bottom of the house is also adapted to people with reduced mobility, i.e. it can be used by older people. This project is the answer to securing the possibility of home throughout the year. The space is not large, but it will provide what is necessary to live in a cool and functional quality, and in the extended option there will be even two small rooms in the attic and a small basement.

The Hideaway is a natural house, designed from natural materials. It has a wooden, double post construction and is adapted to be filled with natural insulation materials such as straw, adobe or hempcrete. For each of these options, the thermal insulation parameters is like for single-family houses in the tightened requirements of 2021. Each of these options is described in the project. The double post construction also provides more options for finishing the interior and facade, and facilitates the installation of heavy elements on the walls inside.


- Architecture design in two options
- Construction design in two options, including tire foundations
- Design of installations including self-sufficient version
- Energy performance
- Security rules
- Descriptive part and wood, steel list


TYPICAL PROJECT HIDEAWAY, is a construction project with elements of the detailed design, in which you will find architectural drawings, structures with details, installations including central heating, energy performance. The documentation contains two options for the house – the basic: the ground floor with a mezzanine, and the extended: the ground floor with a basement and first floor (two small rooms). The project also includes options for electrical installations in self-sufficient option with solar panels (energy from the sun) and composting toilet. The documentation includes an alternative to continuous footing: tire foundation. Which option you choose to build and what will fit in your budget, whether a more basic and minimal form or a more extensive and self-sufficient – depends on you, the project includes them all. In documentation you will find also list of wooden and steel elements to facilitate our implementation.
* CONSTRUCTION: Wooden, filled with straw, adobe or hempcrete. * FOUNDATIONS: In the basic version: continuous footing, in the second version: from tires, recycling. In the version with a cellar: reinforced concrete foundations. * HEATING: and hot water: Heat distribution from a low-emission biomass fireplace – wood, supported by electric heating as an emergency option, allowing to leave the house for a longer period of time (in self-sufficient version powered by solar system). Hot water also from solar collectors. * COMPOST TOILET: as an option – (without the use of drink water, covered with sawdust, odourless) with a composter in the basement, it provides circulation of matter. It is also recommended to collect rainwater. * ELECTRICITY: in the autonomous option, electricity obtained from photovoltaic panels. Batteries in the basement. The project includes installation diagram and valuation.

PRICE OF THE ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: PLN 3500 gross. Available cost estimate Feel free to contact: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com

The prototype was implemented as a shelter experiment by the contractor Ryszard Biliński from tynkinaturalne.pl in 2105, as part of activities with the National Association of Natural Construction. The initial construction was in the form of strawbale loadbearing. Ultimately, the project has evolved to its present form.

First Concept
Basic Plans
First Concept